A couple of years ago we had the crazy idea to move to the country side and get out of the city, to get more creative, keep some animals, grow some food and try and live a better life away from the rat race.

Now that dream has come alive, it is by far not done and dusted, but we have made a start here at the Beutower Mill.

We're renovating the house as we speak. You can read about the progress and see some photos in the blog section.
We've also started on our veg garden, got some cats and done some of the more creative ideas that milled around in our heads. The creative section of the website will showcase this for you.

Fishing Lake

When we bought the mill we inherited a fishing business with the house and the lake. Currently we have around 10 fishermen per day who come to our lake and fish for trout and salmon trout.


Work Away Scheme

We have signed up for the Work Away Scheme where people can come and help us with general work at the mill in return for food and accommodation. So far we've had a Spanish family live with us and at the moment we have a lovely English couple who are here helping out.

Holiday Flat

We have a self-contained holiday flat that we are renting out to people who fancy coming to the countryside to chill out or to do a spot of fishing...or maybe both. It has three rooms, kitchen, bathroom and is completely separated from the main living area of the house. With it's own entrance you can feel free to come and go as you like.